Report Verification Certificate No. (Vg/...) Weight (ct./gm)

In today’s world when gems are getting more and more precious, people want to have the best quality with them, which has a certification mark so that they can be assured of the quality they are buying.

Keeping in mind trend of the market VEGGA started its class apart Gem Testing Lab in Jaipur in April 2011.We are giving the best quality gem testing to everyone within in a common man’s reach, so that the people can judge by themselves the quality they are buying. Our faculty is one of the best in the city of Gems which tests each and every specimen to the utmost standards. We have the ultra modern equipments for gem testing and the fastest medium to send gem identification report to the customers just by a click through their e-mails. Customers can verify their reports on the company’s website also.
We have the best faculty of gemologist having the degrees:

FGA from Gem-A, London (United Kingdom – U.K.)
MDGI & DGI from Gem Testing Laboratory (Rajasthan Chamber Bhavan) - Jaipur
AWARDEE from Gem Testing Laboratory (Rajasthan Chamber Bhavan) - Jaipur

Testing Categories:
Sr. No. Identification Report Explanation In Identification Report Fees* (in Rs.)
1. Identification Natural/Synthetic/Composite/Imitation/Any Other X
2. Identification & Treatment Treatment / Enhancement X + 100.00
3. Treatment (Only) Apply only on Testing Category “1” 100.00
4. Verbal  Opinion Available on telephonic discussion & live chat.    No hard copy will be issued. X - 50%
Gemstones categories which are able to certify with different types of shape & cuts:
• For testing purpose you can submit the samples at our counter by hand or through insured post/courier with completely filled ‘agreement for testing order form’.
• Kindly carefully read all the terms & conditions in ‘agreement for testing order form’ before sending the samples through post/courier.
* Customer/Depositor has to select the certificate design w.r.t. their fees (X) from the samples given below: