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Dheeraj Verma
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One of the most beautiful things in the universe are the gemstones which depict the beauty of the nature. These have always been the desirable things for everyone since olden days. May it be related to luck or fortune or lavishness. These precious stones have always been greeted by the royal families by studding the rare gems in their crown or by any human being in their rings or garlands. These are so due to their luster and good luck that’s why these are shifted on from generations to generations in the form of their family heritages.
Whenever anybody thinks about gemstones, the first name that comes into mind is the Royal Pink City ‘Jaipur’, which is one of the biggest centers of gemstones. VEGGA is one of the reputed firms of Jaipur which deals in the precious and semi precious gemstones. We have a wide range of products with respect to quality and variety. We have good customers in Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Our supply of the gemstones is all over India ranging from Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh to Maharashtra and over a large area.
Our vision & mission is to sparkle the whole world with our beautiful gems. We are in the pipeline of setting up our own chain of gem testing labs and gem dealing counters all over the world, so that the people can rely on the name VEGGA.